Bring your family back to the table for a quick, healthy and delicious meal that's fun to cook!

This food cooker is the fastest way for you to prepare fresh, healthy natural foods. No gimmicks, just a great way to prepare healthy whole food. Works great for our busy lifestyle. -Vesod

Recommended by Top Chefs!

Nutrigrill is a wonderful,
convenient appliance that I use in my own home to prepare delicious and healthy cuisine. It heats up fast, cooks food evenly, and develops rich flavor.

I find that the Nutrigrill is perfect for small dinner parties. I like to prepare the ingredients in advance and give my guests their own proteins and vegetables, so they can cook what they want however they want it. It's so much fun!


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Healthy, nutritious and delicious
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Great for dinner parties with friends
  • Fresh flavorful meals quickly
  • Grill, Saute, Simmer & More
  • Use in the kitchen, on the table or the patio
  • Non-stick Absolute Ceramic surface
  • One appliance does it all
  • Safe PFTE & PFOA free

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NutriGrill & 21 Peice Cooking Set ($119.85 in 3 easy payments of $39.95) $39.95 ($39.95x3) $14.95
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Cearamic Knife & Bamboo Cutting Board Set $97.50 $14.95
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6 Piece Signature Ceramic Knife & Bamboo Cutting Board Set

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VERY Limited quantities available! SAVE 50%!

Be one of the first few people in the world to own the Nutrigrill Donatella Arpaia Signature bamboo cutting board & 6 piece ceramic knife set. This heavy, high quality gourmet cutting board set is suitable for the finest kitchens and the busiest chefs but still has the down-home feel of nature with its enviro-friendly bamboo cutting board and space saving storage drawer.

  • Your signature set includes a:
  • 6" chef knife
  • 5" utility knife
  • 4" kitchen knife
  • 3" paring knife
  • 4" peeler for slicing cheeses and other types of peeling

Sturdy eco-friendly, naturally bacteria resistant bamboo cutting board with space saving storage drawer. All knives have comfortable ergonomic white handles to make cutting easier. Ceramic is also sturdier, sharper and holds sharpness up to 10 times longer than traditional steel.

Yes! I want to be one of the first few in the world to own the Nutrigrill Donatella Arpaia Signature Bamboo Cutting Board & Ceramic Chef Knife Set! A $195.00 value for only $97.50!


Ceramic blade advantages:

The ceramic blades retain their sharpness up to 10 times longer than regular steel blades.

Ceramic made this way is the 2nd hardest surface only to diamonds which makes it ideal for long lasting sharpness. The ceramic also will not brown items when it cuts unlike metal blades. This makes your foods last longer and taste better.

Ceramic blades are more sanitary than metal blades because they're more solid and have fewer pores for dirt & grim to nest. They also don't rust like metal blades.

The cutting board has a space-saving storage drawer to keep your knives out of the way but in easy reach when you need them. It's made from eco-friendly renewable bamboo instead of regular wood.

Advantages of Bamboo:

Bamboo is actually a type of grass and not wood. This makes it completely sustainable and eco-friendly since it grows back quickly once harvested. It's also fully bio-degradable, unlike plastic.

Bamboo is more resistant to bacteria than regular wood. It doesn't soak up water and bacteria like regular wood.

Bamboo doesn't scar from cutting on it like regular wood does. Yet its light weight makes it easier on all your knives so they'll stay sharper longer.


Yes! I want to be one of the first few in the world to own the Nutrigrill Donatella Arpaia Signature Bamboo Cutting Board & Ceramic Chef Knife Set! A $195.00 value for only $97.50!


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Just add food for a fantastic family feast in just minutes.

  • Arched Absolute Ceramic Grill top heats In seconds.
  • Non-Stick ceramic is PTFE & PFOA FREE!
  • Compact & portable - Use it anywhere!
  • Cook at the table with family & friends!
  • Grill, simmer, saute & more!
  • Cooks fast!
  • Easy clean-up!


  • It's so fast and easy. You can fit delicious, nutritious meals into the most hectic schedule.
  • Give your family real meals in minutes. Or breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Cook at the table or on the patio. Nutrigrill goes anywhere!
  • No need for other, expensive appliances, pots and pans. You can cook it all on Nutrigrill.
  • Bring some fun into your kitchen
  • Easily create delicious and healthy meals is using Nutrigrill.